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Each Round from 1 - 8 will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards for each class, except for the Beginners and SLAM Bikes Class and any class that has less than 5 entrants. These awards can be collected at the next Race Event the following month.

Points will be awarded for places as follows in each class except the beginners class:

1st Place - 15,  2nd Place - 14, 3rd Place - 13, 4th Place - 12, 5th Place - 11, 6th Place -10, 7th Place - 9, 8th Place - 8, 9th Place - 7, 10th Place - 6, 11th Place - 5, 12th Place - 4, 13th Place - 3, 14th Place - 2, 15th Place - 1.

16th Place onwards no points are awarded.

The points awarded from 7 of the 8 rounds will be count towards the Lincolnshire Enduro Club Championship results. 

Championship trophies will be awarded on Presentation Night for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places within the Championship for all classes except the Beginners Class.


All lap times of riders in the Beginners class are looked at and if deemed they are a more advanced rider the rider may be requested to be promoted to the relevant class for their skill level.

At the end of the season 1st Place in the championship results in classes Sportsman and Clubman will be promoted to the next level of advanced class.

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